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Marketing Defects

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Marketing is the source that results in the generation of the revenue for a firm. Bangladesh since its independence has gone through a substantial amount of changes in its industry composition and so has the marketing system of our country.
This paper focuses on the flaws the marketing system has in our country. Both in the goods markets and services markets, marketers are still maintaining traditional approaches. It is high time that these approaches are modified.
These faults could be overcome by adopting some modern strategies in the marketing plan. Some recommendations are given at the end of the paper that can help the marketers to eliminate the defects.
The report has been mainly constructed with the help of secondary data by relying on internet based secondary data so the sources of books, articles, websites were used to draw notable references for constructing the report.

1.1 Background

The marketing scenario of a country is very much essential for the industry because marketing is the source that results in the generation of the revenue for a firm. Bangladesh since its independence has gone through a substantial amount of changes in its industry composition and for that change in the industry composition has also taken place.

When changes come over, it comes up with substantial challenges and opportunities. What the marketer has to study is how to face the challenges in a better manner to place itself in the market to ensure their survival. Our marketing system is still going through a lot of modification everyday. Our system is not error free. Not many studies have conducted to search the defects the marketing system has in Bangladesh and comes up with the possible solutions that show guidelines to face the problems adequately. I have examined the market and come up with some defects that caught my eyes and also tried to find...

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