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Marketing Ethics : I Can Find Out Who You Are

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Marketing ethics : I can find out who you are

1. The facial recognition technology is developing itself increasingly. Facebook website uses this technology for photos, by identifying Facebook friends on pictures we publish. It exists others commercial applications of facial recognition like the Xbox Kinect. Indeed , Kinect for the Xbox 360, a camera based body controller, allows you to play games without the confines of a controller. Additionally, the Kinect system also features facial recognition, meaning that when Kinect recognizes you, it will automatically log you into your Xbox 360 Gamer Profile when you walk into the play space. Using the Kinect ID, you can store your likeness in the Xbox 360 for facial recognition.
Two new products concepts employing this technology :
- Pepsi: facial recognition to better target advertisements
Pepsico presented a series of screens able to recognize the passers and assess their gender and age, to adapt the advertisements broadcast accordingly. The technology was developed by IMRSV (formerly Immersive Labs), which offers the Cara software: a tool that turns any camera or webcam into an intelligent sensor. * - FaceDeal: the end of loyalty cards
Why congest loyalty cards when you can identify customers from their faces? FaceDeal, a solution imagined by the laboratory RedPepper agency offers a loyalty program linked to Facebook. Cameras are filming people that enter in a store and links to Facebook photos to recognize individuals who have joined the program. They then receive targeted offers by SMS, according to their habits.

2. Facial recognition has some sense if it is used to improve the security of something. For instance, the police uses it to enhance the national security, allowing to diminish the number of crime to 37%. Another advantage is the...

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