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Design a Marketing Experiment Sample Report
This report has the purpose to develop a marketing experiment for an energy drink by a
Peruvian Beverage Company. The campaign is a tv advertising campaign focus on the pros to drink this kind of beverage when need an extra boost for athletes. With the common concerned about healthy problems caused due to their use, benefits from their carbs content become in an important point. This experiment will be a before-after design experiment.
Experiment Design
In this experiment, the independent variable is increased advertising in the form of a tv adevertising campaign while the dependent variable observed here is sales.
The experiment will be run in Miraflores, a district in Lima (peruvian capital city). The control market observed will be San Isidro (Lima’s district as well). The test and control markets were selected caused their similarities (population and socioeconomic status). Miraflores and San
Isidro, both have a population around 60,000.
Since both districts will be exposed to the experiment, the sample size would be big enough to be statistically significant.
Since it s a before-after design experiment, sales will be captured for control and test markets for a 3 month average from Jan –March. The experiment will be run for the next three months from April to June. The variations or changes in sales while doing the experiment will be then used to calculate the lift in sales.
Anticipated Issues
Recorded data was taken during summer and autumn. If the field implementation is executed on Winter season , this can cause an impact because we are talking about different seasons reallities.
Other impact could be the arrival of competitors to this market. However despite these events the experiment still will provide suitable imputs in order to run marketing campaign.

Experiment Part 2...

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