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This assignment requires the development of a plan for a marketing flyer which outlines the key offerings at XYZ Construction INC. This flyer will be used to educate potential customers on the services offered by the firm.

Who is XYZ Construction
XYZ Construction, Inc. is a privately owned company founded in the 1950s. The owners have decided to transform the business from one of private ownership to public ownership and plans for its Initial Public Offering (IPO) to be in 12 months. XYZ Construction, Inc. performs horizontal construction work including roads, airfields, and bridges. The company’s headquarters is in Denver Colorado and has 16 field offices located in 11 states (Silver, 2012).
Products and Services
XYZ Construction, INC provides horizontal construction work including roads, airfields, and bridges. The company has a workforce which includes heavy and light equipment operators,
civil engineers, and project managers along with an administrative staff in the headquarters
facility with support staff in each of the 16 field offices (Silver, 2012).
Marketing Strategy
Construction companies market themselves effectively differentiate their services from the competition and stand a much better chance of driving qualified new business (Hernandez, 2008). The result should be an increase growth in a field that suits your company’s specific sales goals and identity (Hernandez, 2008). In short, the flyer should outline the marketing strategies for XYZ Construction Company and how they will develop a particular specialty trend to be more successful than other construction companies. The company must focus their marketing strategy in a new, different special segment of the market such as residential construction or small business construction.

Financial Strategy
A section in flyer should address the following. Prepare a…...