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Marketing for Kudler Fine Foods

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Marketing for Kudler Fine Foods
Barbara Norftill
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Marketing for Kudler Fine Foods
What is the one thing that raises a profitable company above the rest? This can be described in one word, “marketing”. Marketing is a major business component in today’s world. Kudler Fine Foods is a retailer of high-end foods who is focusing on expanding their services. This paper will cover the positives and the needed deltas on marketing for Kudler Fine Foods.
According to an article by, there are several positive points in internet marketing. The first positive point is that the advantage of the internet is its convenience. states that if you have a computer and internet access, you can conduct business anytime and anywhere you please 24 hours a day. Along with its unique product line with goods imported from overseas, Kudler Fine Foods is on the internet. Another positive point is that Kudler has a strategic plan. writes that a good marketing plan is essential and does not have to be complex. A good marketing plan should understand the situation, size the market, strategy, and objectives. Kudler Fine Foods is definitely going in the right direction with the positives that they already have in place.
Along with what is already there, Kudler Fine Foods still have a lot to go with their marketing. There are several variables that can be controlled in marketing. These variables are known as the marketing mix and consist of the 4P’s of the marketing world. They are product, price, place and promotion. Another approach to customer-focused marketing is known as the SIVA model. The SIVA model is a customer driven version of the 4P’s. The four parts of the SIVA model are solution, information, value, and access. Kudler Fine Foods needs to address the marketing mix to be successful. One needed delta on marketing is that...

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...Marketing Research MKT 421 February 24, 2014 Marketing Research Abstract This information explains the importance of marketing research to Kudler Fine Foods. They will determine the best location to open a new store to add to the three already successful stores. It will cover the marketing strategy and tactics that will best benefit the company. This is determined from the advice found from Mark Vitale, PhD, William D. Perrault and the author. The author believes that following the five steps of market research, utilizing competitive intelligence and analysis, and determining consumers’ needs and desires through research, conversation, and a survey will allow continued success for Kudler Fine Foods. An expansion is inevitable as is success when following the allowed guidelines of marketing research and analysis. Introduction Kathy Kudler, the founder of Kudler Fine Foods, loved to cook gourmet foods as a way of relieving the stress from her position with a defense contractor. When shopping for ingredients to prepare her gourmet fare, she realized a business opportunity for which she had been searching (Apollo Group, 2011). Kathy went to work developing a business plan and obtaining financing. The first Kudler Fine Food Store opened in La Jolla on June 18, 1998. The store caught on quickly, and a second store was opened in Del Mar in 2000 and still another in Encinitas, in 2003. Kudler Fine Foods offers quality gourmet foods like bakery products, meat,......

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