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A PROJECT REPORT ON MARKETING | PROMOTION | | | | Avishek Dhital | 2/19/2014 | |

First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the college administration, Kathmandu Institute of Science And Technology for allowing me to proceed with this project report.
I am obliged to thank Mr. Keshav sir, Department of Marketing for his supervision, guidance, hints and help. Without his constant supervision and help our project would not have been in this stage.
I am also so much happy to express my greatful thanks to Mr. Keshav sir for providing us with technical guidance and encouragement which has helped in the completion of my project. I would also like to express my special thanks to my friends Sabin Khatri, Santosh Phuyal and Anuj KC for their valuable suggestion and technical help.
It is also my pleasure to convey sincere thanks to all our colleagues and my family member for their moral support and encouragement. Last but not the list, I would like to thank all of them who have directly or indirectly contributed for the completion of my project.
Any comments and suggestion will be gratefully received and acknowledged.

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1) Acknowledgement……………………………….Page No 1 2) Meaning & Concept of Promotion………………Page No 3 3) Importance of Promotion………………………...Page No 6 4) Components of Promotion……………………….Page No 8 5) Objectives and Limitation of Promotion………...Page No 9 6) Build Case on Chaudhary Group……….………..Page No 11 7) Impact of promotion on consumer buying behavior. Page no 18 8) Conclusion ……………………………………….. page no 20

MEANING & CONCEPT OF PROMOTION Promotion is an important part of the marketing mix of a business firm/organization. Basically, promotion is the process of marketing communication that involves...

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