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Marketing insight of Macdonal in VietNam.
While in viet nam mardonal stores provide marketing strategies based on customer psychology. stores are equipped with Mp3 to customers can listen to music according to their individual preferences. Besides providing high-speed wireless systems to customers dowload music and watch movies in tablet or phone.
Mardonal products are manufactured according to international standards should create the trust of customers viet nam.
Vietnam will be the McDonald's restaurant serves fast food first open 24/7 in Vietnam, to give you and your family delicious meals in a comfortable space and safety at any time in day.
In 1975 in the US, McDonald's was the first restaurant to serve in the model drive-thru, buy food without parking, the guests busy just pulled into a windows box sales, order food and are receiving right there. Today, 65% of McDonald's restaurants worldwide are windows delivery characteristics. Vietnam will be the McDonald's fast food restaurant first to bring this model to Vietnam. Consistent with the lifestyle of the local people, facilities as well as the effectiveness of the model will bring you hot dishes, fresh and qiuckly.
In addition to fast food coffee mardonal also provide our customers needs. Mr Cafe meets the elements of space, quality and professionally prepared - McCafe is the place to satisfy all. McAfee makes you feel very comfortable and interesting and offering a friendly and professional bartender. Mardonal coffee brings the best quality with the most reasonable price.
In future Macdonal stores system provides a number of services such as organizing a birthday party for customers and 24/7 Mc dilivery.

First Store:
The stores are decorated modern international standards. Placed in a beautiful location where convenient for customers and airy space. First store open crossroad Dien Bien Phu and Nguyen Binh Khiem, Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.
Store of McDonald's also the type of "large" with a total area of 1,300 m2, with 350 seats. Designed McDonald's global standards. Store children's playground and a 24-hour parking is convenient. Most importantly, the first store of Mc Donald Driving Through our customers have to sit on the cars can buy the product. As mentioned, the most important element of food chains like McDonald's are: ideas - Concept, process management and service assurance, product design - menu and personnel management.
Second Store:
Nearly three months after McDonald’s opened its first hugely popular restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, the restaurant opened a second location on May 16, on Tran Hung Dao Street in Ho Chi Minh City, adjacent to the landmark Ben Thanh Market. This restaurant is known as McDonald’s Ben Thanh and can serve 260 guests at a time, 90 seats fewer than the first. The new restaurant offers a To-Go booth where customers can order food without having to go into the restaurant; this is instead of a drive-thru service. McDonald’s Ben Thanh also has a McCafe. According to the McDonald’s Vietnam website, this location will soon implement a 24/7-delivery service.

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