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Marketing Kotler Chapter 9 Solution

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Chapter 9
119. What valuable functions can brands perform for a firm?
Brands also perform valuable functions for firms. First, they simplify product handling or tracing. Brands help to organize inventory and accounting records. A brand also offers the firm legal protection for unique features or aspects of the product.

120. Describe the three ingredients of customer-based brand equity.
There are three key ingredients of customer-based brand equity.
1. Brand equity arises from differences in consumer response. If no differences occur, the brand-name product is essentially a commodity, and competition will probably be based on price.
2. Differences in response are a result of consumers’ brand knowledge, all the thoughts, feelings, images, experiences, and beliefs associated with the brand. Brands must create strong, favorable, and unique brand associations with customers, as have Toyota (reliability), Hallmark (caring), and (convenience).
3. Brand equity is reflected in perceptions, preferences, and behavior related to all aspects of the marketing of a brand. Stronger brands lead to greater revenue.

121. Advertising agency Young and Rubicam (Y&R) developed a model of brand equity called Brand Asset Valuator (BAV). What is the intent of the BAV model? List and briefly characterize the four key components (pillars) of brand equity.
Based on research with almost 800,000 consumers in 51 countries, BAV compares the brand equity of thousands of brands across hundreds of different categories. There are four key components—or pillars—of brand equity, according to BAV:
• Energized differentiation measures the degree to which a brand is seen as different from others, and its perceived momentum and leadership.
• Relevance measures the appropriateness and breadth of a brand’s appeal.
• Esteem measures perceptions of quality and loyalty, or how well...

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