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Marketing Management 14th Edition – Kotler Keller

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Major Project |
Major Project
This is an applied project of analysis. Students are responsible for completing two project reports (essays, ca. 7-10 pages each) as outlined below. Each of the two will count as 10% of your course grade (20% total). Submit each project, when due, via email attachment.
Marketing in Action
In an attempt to have you apply what it is that you are learning from your assigned textbook and readings and to do so in the context(s) in which you are most interested, you will be asked to seek out current marketing practices and relate them to the assigned readings. You must submit a written analysis applying marketing in action strategic audit processes and marketing mix. The subject of your analysis should be your company or an organization assigned by your Instructor.
By selecting your company for analysis, or any other company approved by Instructor, you should be able to search about company background data and you must broadly analyze the marketing practices in your own organization framework based on what you have learned throughout the course. This analysis may be in terms of a “marketing strategic audit". Generally, your paper should focus on applying the five “P’s” of the marketing mix" to your subject company. You are reminded to keep the history and description of your company very short. An outline of such an action paper would include (but may not be limited to):
 Business Mission Statement: Briefly state your business mission. Is it clearly stated in marketing oriented terms? Can it be implemented? Does it give proper direction? Is it right for the organization? Is it right for the time? Does it address all stakeholder interests?
 Marketing Objectives and Goals:Are the organization’s marketing and business objectives stated in clear achievable marketing planning and performance...

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