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Marketing Mba Final Exam

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Vivian Menzies
Marketing 5000
Final Exam 1. List and briefly describe using examples the five major promotional mix tools. How would these be used to introduce a new line of microwave pasta meals?
I utilized the 5 promotional mix tools in my Starbucks presentations as seen below- I will utilize the similar tactics introducing a new line microwave pasta meals. Advertising | | I would advertise utilizing he following: TV, Social Media Tweet, Facebook and Pinterest for local recipes to promote the new microwave pasta and of course Local newspaper to be featured as quick easy receipts and the specially the Mothers magazines to purchases.. | Personal Selling | | Local passionate sales people: Costco demonstrators, Publix Apron recipes andDemonstrations. To promote one on one sales personal. This type quick easy Meals for mothers on the go. Nit would focus on the personal up close and personal sales. Through these venues as describe above | Public Relations | | Events, public performances, green initiatives philanthropic endeavors.
I would leverage our marketing efforts already in place by our hundreds of thousandsOf dollars marketing. Public events locally at farmers market since our product isNo GMO’s and Gluten Free. We partner with community efforts and farm to tableEvents so we utilize this to market our products effectively and efficiently. We have Amazing philanthropy events and things we as an organization do to promote giving Fun runs, breast cancer, local habitat for humanity events. Where our concept is itBetter to give than receive. | Sales Promotions | | We have sponsored Store decoration, promoted viral videos, we have sample vans, billboards, newspaper, magazines and social media. As stated in advertising as well. |

2. Explain briefly the major logistic functions. Provide an example of a decision a...

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