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MKTG 201– Principles of Marketing
Spring 2014 Instructor | Shoaib Ul-Haq | Room No. | 4th floor, 440, SDSB Building | Office Hours | By appointment | Email | (the preferred method of contact) | Telephone Extension | 5226 | Secretary/TA | Secretary: Ms. Nabeela | TA Office Hours | | Course URL (if any) | LMS |

Course Basics | Credit Hours | 4 | Lecture(s) | Nbr of Lec(s) Per Week | 2 | Duration | 1 hour 50 minutes each | Recitation/Lab (per week) | Nbr of Lec(s) Per Week | N/A | Duration | N/A | Tutorial (per week) | Nbr of Lec(s) Per Week | N/A | Duration | N/A |

Course Distribution | Core | | Elective | Yes | Open for Student Category | Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen | Close for Student Category | |

Course Description | Marketing helps in meeting the local and global challenges facing different organizations throughout the world. This course introduces, to the students, the fundamentals of marketing such as key concepts, theories, and applications along with emerging marketing trends which are an integral part of managing profitable customer relationships and are essential to any successful organization. The goal of every marketer is to create more value for both internal and external customers. This course will enhance students’ knowledge and problem solving abilities towards Marketing related issues using customer-centric approach. |

Course Prerequisite(s) | None |

Course Objectives & Learning Outcomes | A) B) C) D) E) F)G)H)I) | Defining and understanding the ‘Marketing Concept’.Elaborating the ‘Marketing Process’.Analyzing the Internal and External Marketing Environment.Explaining STP (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning) strategies.Designing a ‘Marketing Mix’.Emphasizing Ethics and Social Responsibility in Marketing.Discussing the...

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...My overall impression on my speech was better than I anticipated. I was very nervous and anxious to get the speech over. I could tell that in the pace of my speech. I was rushing through it and at times it was hard for me to keep track of my place on the outline. I thought I gave good eye contact and I stayed on the speech path, but I could have projected my voice more so that it would have been easier to hear and understand what I was saying. I felt that the delivery was good but I could have moved around more and gave more hand gestures to keep my speech alive. Although I didn’t feel it was a boring speech, I feel like I still tell showed how nervous I really was by the body chemistry I gave off. I prepared a lot for the speech and I went over the speech 3 times in front of the camera at home. I think this helped me a great deal because I had full knowledge of what my speech was about. Because I was nervous and rushing through my speech I often lost my place on my outline, but was able to wing it because I had practiced. It helped a lot that I did my speech on a topic that I am very familiar with and used to talking about. I also used the technique in the chapter that tells you that when you are nervous take a deep breath and use a focus word, mine was “Money”. This technique helped me a great deal in the beginning because I actually felt overwhelmed and on the verge of an anxiety attack. Using this technique calmed me down and made me able to deliver my speech. ...

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