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Institut für Marktorientierte Unternehmensführung
Lehrstuhl für Allgemeine Betriebswirtschaftslehre und Marketing I - Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Christian Homburg

Case Study 8 „Pricing II“ am 05. Mai 2009 in B2a-B4b Pricing an Innovation: Behavioral Pricing Theory
Please read the Case Study: “Apple Inc’s iPhone: Can iPhone Maintain Its Initial Momentum?” and refer to it (in particular, pp. 8) when answering the questions for discussion. Additional information: Company Price Apple US $ 599 LG Prada US $ 780 Nokia US $ 276 Blackberry Pearl US $ 229

Table 1: Prices of Apple’s iPhone and competitive products at time of market launch.

Questions for Discussion:
1. Analyze the price information processing of iPhone buyers. Be aware of the differences in processing price information between “innovators” / early adopters and early / late majority. More precisely, base your analysis on the different stages and concepts of behavioral pricing. Stick to the main concepts of behavioral pricing! 2. Discuss consumer reactions (differentiate between “innovators” / early adopters and early / late majority) to the price cut of the iPhone. Please refer to relevant concepts of behavioral pricing. Do you think the open letter by CEO had any effect on Apple’s customers? 3. For the pricing of the 4GB model, two prices are discussed: the engineering department advocated a price of 600€, whereas the marketing department proposed a price of 599€. Which price would you recommend and why? Please note: Your total presentation time may not exceed 20 minutes. Therefore, be precise and answer the questions in a focused way. Your grade will not be affected by the shorter period of time for your presentation! Please answer all questions. You do not need to stick to the order of questions as presented here when delivering your presentation. Also, you might combine your answers to question...

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