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Marketing Performance Analysis of Crystal Agencies

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Crystal Agencies established in 1995. Crystal Agencies is an industrial and commercial enterprise which professionally supply whole set of water purification equipment, full automatic washing and filling machine, domestic water purifier, water dispenser, pure water and contract with all kinds of piping drinking water projects. Our company and our co-operation units own powerful technical force. The reverse osmosis membrane water treatment equipment and other piping drinking water machine, water softener, washing & filling machine and water we mainly deal in, service separately for different industries such as medicine, chemical, food, beverage, cosmetic and etc. This report is the integral part of completing my BBA degree form the …………………..
The report identifies marketing performance evaluation of Crystal Agencies A case study on ECR machine of Crystal Agencies. This is basically importing the product from foreign country. It is committed to conduct all the rules and regulations prescribed by the Bangladesh import rules and regulations. The functions of the organization cover a wide range of importing activities. Fundamentally Crystal Agencies import the product and the sale that product in two ways direct sales to the consumer and sale to the dealer.
To prepare this report I mostly depend on the experience and secondary data beside this I also use primary data. Primary data are originated by the quantitative research. Primary data are collected from the direct observation. Secondary data are collect from the company Insight, advertising, Catalogs of the Company, brochures, books, related publication and many more. Based on this information I prepare this qualitative report based on observation for providing insights of the report topic.
Crystal Agencies was established in 1995 under the provisions Bangladesh Import and Export companies...

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