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Abstract Autism is defined as; “a variable developmental disorder that appears by age three and is characterized by impairment of the ability to form normal social relationships, by impairment of the ability to communicate with others, and by stereotyped behavior patterns”. (Webster) “According to the Centers for Disease Control, autism affects as many as 1 in every 110 children in the United States”. Overall, we are looking at an estimated 1.5 million Americans who are affected with this disorder. By implementing a computer device that will assist in the learning capability of individuals with autism or individuals in general will be a success learning of one’s self.

Organization and Product

US Autism and Asperger Association (USAAA) is a non-profit organization that was developed in 1994. USAAA focuses on individuals with autism and asperger to provide the opportunity to educate, support, and solutions. “Our goal is to provide the opportunity for individuals with autism spectrum disorders to achieve their fullest potential (USAAA, 2011)”. USAAA is dedicated to: ← Providing immediate solutions through expert guidance and compassionate support. ← Consolidating the overwhelming amount of information and resources to simplify the lives of all associated with autism. ← Individualizing education on treatments and services for the diverse population of those affected. ← Providing networking opportunities for parents, professionals, student’s educators, and individuals (USAAA, 2011). USAAA offers information and education to those affected by ASD to help them grow and learn together. USAAA will be offering and marketing the new touch pad for kids with autism and learning disabilities. This touch pad will allow the kids and families to be hands on, sociable, and to have fun. The touch pad will allow the one that is affected by autism to practice and learn verbal and non-verbal communication, pretend play, social interaction, to develop and practice speech, as well as having games to play that will teach them the basics they need to know. The games will include games over counting, recognizing words, the alphabet, learning sounds, shapes, and sizes, learning word annunciation, and matching games. The touch pad will also offer thinking games that will interact with left hand, right hand, left leg, and right leg. It will help to learn mobility. The key aspects that the touch pad will offer are: ← Games ← Communication ← Language ← Speech ← Thinking Abilities ← Levels of learning: beginner, novice, intermediate, and advanced. The touch pad will be able to be used by touching using fingers or with a stylus. It will also have the feature of being able to wear headphones as well as being able to hear the sounds without the headphones. It will also offer volume keys, lock button, and a power button that will not be touch. USAAA is an organization who is here to help make a change in parents and children who are affected with learning disorders. This mission statement will help create the marketing plan by focusing in on what is needed most for these children to learn to their fullest potential. USAAA will also target parents who have to handle the stress on a day to day basis and can have the understanding that they aren’t in this alone. They will find it easy to order online and through stores. Offering the product online is a fast way to get information over what the product offers and how to receive the product. They will simply need to search for learning touch pad offered by USAAA or by the model number, USAAA123. There will also be ads online that will be on learning disability websites that will take the customer right to the product itself.
Industry and Standard Industry Code Our company will be manufacturing a learning tablet that will help individuals with autism learn and interact. Because this will be manufacturing a product from materials or substances into a new product, we are classified under Division D in the Standard Industry Code or SIC (Occupational Safety & Health Administration). The major group that our company would be classified in is Major Group 35. This group is Industrial and Commercial Machinery and Computer Equipment. This group is for companies that primarily engage in manufacturing electronic computers (Occupational Safety & Health Administration). Our product would fall under this category because it would incorporate computers or a central processing unit for performing functions, which in our case would be learning activities and aides. The industry group that our company would fall under would be SIC 3571 and NAICS 81340. This group is Computer and office equipment, and more specifically, Electronic computers (Occupational Safety & Health Administration). USAAA has helped millions of children to live a healthier lifestyle in learning. They offer services worldwide as well as offering discounts on certain high-tech products that may be needed for the children. They bring in lots of donations as well as lots of volunteer work. They strive to bring services wherever they are needed. Marketing this product will be important to the organization’s success. The reason that this will be so important is that there are other companies making touch pad devices that could be used to compete with our new learning touchpad device. While Apple is making an IPad, Microsoft is coming out with a new Windows 8, which will be designed for use on a tablet (International Business Times, 2011). To compete with these other companies, we need to make sure that our product is marketed towards those with learning disabilities or autism and that we target those customers when we do our advertisements, decide on pricing, and even decide on where our product will be sold. If the product is not marketed well, a potential customer may decide on purchasing a different product to try to meet his or her individual needs.

| |Strength |Weakness |
|Internal | Strong customer support for technical |Competition with other learning devises. |
| |problems. |Advertising to consumers the company’s |
| |Strong program for teaching individuals. |abilities. |
| |Qualified employees with knowledge with |Organization for production line. |
| |Autism. | |
| |Opportunity |Strength |
|External | One and 110 children diagnosed with |Funding from government and other sources. |
| |Autism. |Many resources for supporting parents. |
| |Children being diagnosed at an earlier age.|Providing networking connections for |
| |Undetermined cause of Autism Spectrum. |individuals. |
| |One and 10 children have learning | |
| |disabilities. | |
|Internal Trends | Financially strong for improving individual knowledge. |
| |50 employees dedicated to helping others. |
| |Providing factual knowledge about learning disabilities. |
|External Trends | Staying competitive and providing updated technology. |
| |Researching for answers on Autism. |
| |Education being a high priority to success. |
| |Giving children a head start to learning. |

The SWOTT table consists of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends that affect the company. The internal strengths of US Autism and Asperger Association (USAAA) is the strong customer support provided for technical problems with any product, the company has programs that teach individuals how to handle learning disabilities, especially focused on Autism, and qualified employees who have studied and worked with children with Autism. The weaknesses that the company faces are competition from other companies with other touch screen learning devices, advertising to consumers, and organization for the production line. External opportunities that help the company pursue the touch screen product are how many children are diagnosed with Autism. One out of 110 children who are diagnosed with Autism, and one out of 70 are boys (Hincha-Ownby, 2010). Children are being diagnosed at an earlier age, which allows the companies touch screen to be introduced to families earlier. The product will grow as the child grows and can do more things. At this point in the research of what causes Autism there are no answers. The product can be used for children with or without Autism. External strengths are the funding that is available in the search to educate individuals and to provide products that will help children learn. Many sources can help support parents in communicating and teaching children with learning disabilities, and networking for communication. Internal trends for the organization are to reach as many people and to provide the best product and service at a low cost. External trends are providing updated technology, educating people, researching for a cause for Autism, and giving children a head start in being successful for life.

Marketing Research Approach The marketing research approach we will use would be a mass-market approach with this approach it will allow USAAA to market their product to a specific segment. The touch pad is designed for a specific market that will allow individuals with autism to communicate and learn at their own pace. The mass marketing approach will allow USAAA to market the touch pad to a targeted market. Some tactics that can be used by USAAA would be to allow their sales people to tailor each touch pad to each individual user. Since the touch pad has different features that will help individuals with autism communicate and learn USAAA will be able to use different tactics to market the touch pad. When introducing a new product there needs to be research done to see how the market will react. With the touch pad USAAA will be able to test their units in certain markets where the autism rate is higher by letting hospitals and other health care facilities that care for these individuals use a prototype. This will allow USAAA to continue to improve the product before it is released for sale to the public. USAAA will be able to take the research it obtains and use it to make their product better than its competition.
Children with autism do not interact or communicate well sociably. Often, the interests and activities of autistic individuals seem restricted. Extreme care is required for any individuals who have the disorder autism. These individuals generally take a longer period to even talk verbally. By manufacturing a computer learning tablet that will enhance the learning of individuals, especially those who have autism will be an extreme advantage to the individuals and their families. Because this order affects both the child and the family, in the end, everyone will have an advantage. Eventually the learning challenges that are on this device will be a plus in anybody’s life that is trying to expand in their learning.

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