Marketing Plan 2

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Marketing Plan
Teresa Bowie
University of Phoenix
Tracy Coomes
October 2, 2012

Marketing Plan: Phase II

Subway is a growing business with the strength of motivating the world to healthy eating. So how do we identify the segmentation criteria that will affect their target market selection? To understand the effect on the segmentation criteria the key is to identify the target market of the business. In order for the market to achieve their goals, they must follow the step of researching the target market. Describe the organizational buyers and consumers of the new services “the reward system” and the factors that influence their purchasing decisions. Factor will discuss how their involvement will affect the marketing strategy along with analyzing current competitors and define the competitive landscape for the service of the “reward system”.
The segmentation criteria

Market segmentation is common marketing processes that entail separating a large audience into distinctive segments with consumers who have similar needs or wants. This process identifies targeted marketing segments, so companies can use discretely the marketing mix approach for the most profitable markets. These processes build marketing investments and allow the investments to be more efficient. Detailed criterion is helpful in targeting the finest market segments. According to Reid and Bojanic “there are three segmentation strategies: mass market strategy, differentiated strategy, and concentrated strategy” (2009, p. 143-144). The subway restaurant is following a differentiated strategy, this strategy is targeting more than on market segment. According to a case study, adults between the age18-49 are identified by Subway…...