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Marketing Plan Final Phase

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Marketing Plan: Final Phase When a company decides to introduce a new service or product they cannot just simply make it. There is much planning that goes on with creating and introducing the new product or service. There is planning, budgeting, a marketing mix, marketing research, and so much more. The following will provide all the phases Allen’s Foods had to develop in order to create and introduce their new home delivery service.
Organization Overview
Allen’s Foods is a local small town grocery store located in the retirement town of Bella Vista, AR, and was established in June of 1999. Although, it has not been around nearly as long as some of the big chain grocery stores they have still won the hearts of many local customers. Allen’s Foods is a full service grocery store that includes an on site butcher to freshly cut any meat a customer wants, fresh produce from regional and local growers, gourmet foods, specialty foods, and natural and organic foods (Facebook, 2013). The staff is very friendly, and Allen’s Foods has something big chains do not have; they carry your groceries to your car and load them up for the customers. The one thing they do not provide in their full service grocery store is grocery delivery. Many of the retired and elderly community are extremely busy or too old to have to go grocery shopping every time they need food, so on occasion, they would like to have (or need it) their groceries delivered directly to their homes. The community agrees it would free up more time and take a burden off of those that cannot shop very often due to age.
Allen’s Foods New Service Allen’s Foods Home Delivery is offered to save time, gas, and money for all in the community. All products can be ordered by phone or online. Allen’s Foods offers fresh produce and the finest meats. All products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee with not questions...

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