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Marketing Plan Final Project

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Final Project: Marketing Plan
June, 2010

Marketing Plan I have produced a marketing plan that I believe is the most effective way to introduce my product to the market. I have included a brief introduction to my product, an analysis of the market I plan on targeting, and an analysis of the market size and demographics of the targeted market. In the marketing plan I will include four of the most important elements of the marketing mix; also known as the Four P’s of marketing. The product being offered to consumers will be the first P. The value; or price, that is assigned to the product will be the second P. The third P will stand for promotional activities to be used to inform prospective customers about the product. The place the product will be provided to the consumers will be addressed by the fourth P. Finally this marketing plan will discuss sales promotion techniques that I plan on using to build an interest in my product in the introduction phase.
I would like to introduce a vitamin supplement product to the marketplace that is more like candy than a multivitamin. Many people take or have taken a multivitamin sometime in their lives. The Flintstone’s vitamin was a well known and liked chewable vitamin for children that helped them receive essential daily vitamins and minerals with less hassle and no swallowing. However, as people mature their daily vitamin and mineral needs change and options for tasty and chewable multivitamins are limited. Most adults do not enjoy swallowing and some may not be able to swallow the large multivitamins. Most chewable vitamins available to adults taste like chalk and others need to have the unpleasant taste washed down with liquids. My multivitamin product will taste and be eaten like a piece of candy and will be available as a hard or chewable candy multivitamin. The candy multivitamin will be...

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