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Marketing Plan on Summer Camp

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Course Name: Marketing Management
Course No : MKT 201
Section : 5

Marketing plan
Camp Flaming Wings Submitted to:
Husna Ara Submitted by: Team Renegades Team Renegades

NAME | STUDENT ID | Md. Asad-uz-zaman Khan | 2013-2-10-160 | Omar Bin Alam | 2013-2-10-190 | Tanjil Abedin Khan | 2013-1-10-377 | Arunima Dhar | 2013-3-10-196 | Sayeef Zimran Khan | 2011-2-10-067 |

Date of Submission: 26th November, 2014

Company Name & Logo: Camp Flaming Wings

Period of time to Complete Marketing Plan: 26 October 2014 to 26 November2014

26th November, 2014
Husna Ara
Senior Lecturer,
Department of Business Administration
East West University.
Dear Madam,
We the five students of BBA department of your section(05) beg most humbly to state that we are presenting our business plan on “Flaming Wings”. We are very delighted to inform you that our group has accomplished our business plan under your kind supervision.
We have given our best effort to make this business plan and we have tried to make this plan effective and informative. Now we are presenting our plan before you and we hope that this plan will live up to your expectation.
Your’s Sincerely,
Team Renegades

1. Md. Asad-uz-zaman Khan 2. Omar Bin Alam 3. Tanjil Abedin Khan 4. Arunima Dhar 5. Sayeef Zimran Khan

At first we would like to thank the...

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