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Marketing Plan Part E

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Marketing Plan Part E
MRT 100 / Journal Entry # 4

Since VIP Board Rentals are an online-based company we will be offering online services. All service packages will have to be booked online so that we have the ability to keep the overhead low by not having a store location. No sales team will be required since we will be using online advertisements via social media, TV, and special events near the snow resorts. With little to no restrictions on site locations, we will be able to travel further out to different snow resorts to serve a larger customer base.
Since we are using social media to promote our service, we could use a buy-one-get-one free strategy to draw customers in to try the service. Another one could be a package deal for the length of time that the customer wants to use the service. A multi-day deal would be another strategy that I would use to get customers to keep the product longer at a reduced price. The last strategy that I would try to use would be a convenience strategy. By offering free delivery and in room fitting, this should temp the younger generation to try the service. The younger generations like the convenience of online ordering so that they can avoid the long lines and waits at stores.
Our main marketing goals for promotions, offers, and giveaways would be as follows: We would use online promotions on social media to get customers to become interested within the services. Within the online websites and social media pages we could then use offers and giveaways on the sites to keep the customers interested. We would give away smaller coupons for money off the service as we as larger coupons to many different events that would be in the same interests to our service. Giveaways to snowboarding events, discounted night stays that resorts, as well as discounts restaurants near the snow resorts. Since we are just starting to…...

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