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Marketing Plan Phase Ii

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Marketing Plan: Phase II
MKT 412

Marketing Plan: Phase II As a continuation of Facebook’s Marketing Plan: Phase I, Phase II will begin. As Facebook grows from the new product line, Phase II will identify segmentation criteria that will impact our target market selection. Phase II will describe the organizational buyers and consumers of Facebook and factors that influence their purchasing behavior and discuss how these factors impact Facebook’s marketing strategy. Finally, this phase will analyze current competitors and define the competitive landscape for Facebook. Facebook approaches the geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral segmentation variables for the consumer market. The next three months, from the release date, Facebook will start a series of advertisements such as, on the website itself, commercials, radio, and even in magazines and newspapers. The release of the new t-shirts will coincide with the holiday season. The t-shirts are first offered in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Research is conducted to determine where it will be most effective to expand locations in various countries in which to conduct business. Facebook will continue to sell more t-shirts that will help to meet the needs of our consumers in various counties and states by providing a quick, convenient location, just around the corner. The demographic variable will be easy enough to cover considering the product has so many features that will appeal to all. First, Facebook will start with acquiring a different color of t-shirts. We plan to start out with white t-shirt and the famous Facebook logo on the t-shirt. Then, incorporate colors such as black, pink, and blue for t-shirts. This feature is sure to attract the young adults through adult. When there is availability and the data center monitoring the...

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