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Marketing Plan Phase Iii

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Marketing Plan: Phase III

Team C

University of Phoenix


Jared Oakley

December 14, 2010

Marketing Plan: Phase III Phase three of the marketing plan focuses on the details of the new service Comcast is introducing to the market. This phase outlines elements of the new “Pick Your Channel” service in more detail than previous sections of the new marketing plan. The expected product life cycle is revealed, and the marketing team explains in detail the pace at which the product is expected to move through its life cycle and describe the factors predicted to affect the movement. The typical product life cycle consists of four stages and the marketing team will document plans for each of these stages. The “Pick Your Channel” service is different from any other service currently in the market, and this portion of the marketing plan identifies Comcast’s plan for positioning of the new service and differentiation strategies. The “Pick Your Channel” service needs to be positioned in the market so that consumers recognize the need and value it fulfills. The marketing team also introduces the pricing strategy for the new service. The new service is not intended for every consumer, so the team needs to keep the target market in mind when setting a price. The marketing team further explains these issues concerning the “Pick Your Channel” service in the following paragraphs. Attributes are properties of any product, brand, or service. Attributes of a product or service includes cost, value, and status. Comcast new” Pick Your Channel” service has several attributes that the organization marketing team believes consumer will find attractive. Comcast is already an established superior cable television provider; therefore the Comcast brand has been stamp approved and stands out among competitors. In like manner, what makes the Comcast brand so...

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