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Marketing Plan for Hering

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1. Executive Summary

In the various activities related to marketing of products, such as production, distribution and logistics,the competition between companies is growing and gaining prominence in business discussions. The market demands that each organization has a position and a plan of action very well structured and specific, identifying clearly, your goal within your segment.
Due to the changing trends, the consumer behavior, and good products, the company should seek a good marketing strategy that is able to convey the intentions of their activities, ensuring financial returns for their business.
This report aims to analyze the positioning strategies through a case study on a company that seeks alternatives to differentiate themselves in relation to other offerings in the market and expand its consumer market and create a suggest a strategic plan in communication. The investiment of the Plan in the first year is estimated in R$580.000,00.
It uses the concepts of marketing, brand management and consumer behavior.

2. Current Marketing Situation

3.1. Market Overview

Many scholars argue that the industrialization process in Brazil began with the textile industry, when the Portuguese arrived in the country, faced with the craft of vegetable fibers. However, it was with World War I that the textile sector has been consolidated as one of the most profitable sectors of Brazil. The great period of expansion occurred in World War II, when the Brazilian industry, due to the crisis affecting other supplier countries could increase their domestic production, increasing significantly the number of factories and allowing to export.
With the increase in the level of competitiveness of the sector, the apparel companies have been forced to restructure. Many sought new position, but there were cases of investment in technology and differentiation...

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