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Online Takes the Cake

Pursuing an online MBA program over an on site-program has numerous advantages. Adult learners can fit advanced education into their already hectic schedules, degrees can be obtained in half the time and class schedules are flexible. For these reasons, online education has been the fastest growing segment of higher education. But because it is so unlike traditional classroom-based instruction, many questions have been raised about the quality of the education offered in the online modality (Carrol & Burke, 2010, p. 65). After an extensive survey of the literature, the U.S Department of Education issued a report concluding that the online or hybrid modalities are more effective then face-to-face instructions (Carrol & Burke, 2010, p. 66). Many students rely on online programs to complete an MBA because of the increasing demands from the workplace and busier schedules. Today’s competitive job market has also increased the need for advanced degrees. These programs are fueled by the increased capabilities of technology that allow students to successfully learn and complete their degrees outside of the traditional classroom environment (Anonymous, 2010). Recognizing the advantages and disadvantages of pursing an MBA degree online, understanding how online degree programs work and finding the right program for you as an individual are important steps that each student needs to evaluate and complete before choosing which program they are going to enroll in. This marketing plan is intended to look at overall online programs.
Executive Summary
Pursuing and obtaining an MBA degree is an accomplishment. More and more undergraduates are choosing to go on to pursue a Masters Degree in their field. As a result, an increasing number of business professionals are choosing to earn their MBAs. Trying to balance a career and…...