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Marketing Policies

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How much do you know about your customers? Do you know what makes them happy? Mad? Restless? Let's face it…you should. Businesses often operate in ignorance of what their customers like or dislike. To ensure retention, pay attention!
| |
| |
|The Basics: What Customers Love |
|To be treated with respect - reach a live voice or person when problems arise |
|To feel special - remember their name and job preferences |
|To know you are accountable when problems arise |
|The ability to reach a live voice or person when problems arise |
|To receive lagniappe - a little something extra, for their money's worth |
|The Basics: What Customers Hate |
|Having to repeat one's predicament repeatedly |
|Labyrinthine voice mail systems |
|Ignorant salespeople and apathetic employees...

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