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As our question is “Select three different shampoo products. Discuss the market segmentation and targeting of these products with reference to the pricing, packaging, and advertised selling points and themes. Explain the positioning strategies of each product”, we become marketers of Rejoice’s company (P&G). As we know that our company is facing three problems – decreasing profit, many new competitors appear in the existing market, and losing our market shares. So, we need to plan the strategies again to solve these problems and create customers equity.
According to the marketing process, understanding the marketplace (i.e. knowing the competitors’ status) and customers’ needs and wants is the first thing that we should do when start to plan the suitable strategies. Then, we can redo our market segmentation, targeting and positioning. In this research, we are going to analysis two main competitors for our products – Vidal Sassoon and Asience.

Background information of Rejoice
Rejoice is one of product in P&G which is a global brand. The major function of it is reducing the dandruff problem and gives out a natural product.
Market segmentation of Rejoice
Demographic segmentation
In family size, we analyze this reference to packing, customers usually buy either small size prefer 400ml with$25.9 or premium size prefer 1000ml with $52 that is determined by the family size. In income aspect, the customers usually determine the brand of shampoo based on reasonable price like the small size and premium size. The price is acceptable for the low income customers.
Advertising Theme & selling points
Our shampoo contains variable ingredients are good for the hair, such as collagen and ginseng. And the themes are natural, real and make the hair soft and smooth. This can attract more people’s attention especially are the female customers....

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