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Marketing Priciples

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Marketing Principles

All organisations will use some sort of marketing. Marketing is there so an organisation can find out what their customers’ needs are, and how these can be met.

In this manual I will be talking about John Lewis Marketing process. Having a good marketing department can help the John Lewis keep costs down. If the correct process is taken for marketing, it will eliminate the guessing and forecasting that are linked with trying to predict product trends and consumers demand for goods or services. when the organisation knows what they customers wants, they will all be able to provide the right type of product or service and will always have customers ready to purchase.

All so having a good marketing department or team, will help a John Lewis build a loyal customer base and help with repeat custom. This is called brand loyalty; it is one of the main advantages of having a good marketing team.

Marketing is usually defined as a process that identifies and predicts what the customer wants and then trying to satisfying the customers’ needs and making a profit by doing this.
Every business or organisation will follow marketing plan or a marketing process. The marketing plan will serve as a wide range plan which will outline the organisations marketing efforts.

Using the marketing process, John Lewis will have to find out what their customers want and what their needs are and what the business can do to meet their needs and demands. The process of this will be done in mainly four steps, the situation will be analysed to find what the needs of the customers are and what opportunities are available, the organisation will then have to create a strategy of how they will meet these demand, and after this the marketing team will decide what decisions need to be made. When all this is done then the plan will be carried out and the...

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