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1. Name: Golam Morshed Specialized Area : Communication & Media Specialist

2. Date of Birth: 20 October, 1973 Nationality: Bangladeshi

3. Education:

• From: 2000 To: 2002
MBA in Major Marketing from American International University of Bangladesh (AIUB), Dhaka

• From: 1992 To: 1996
Honors (Major in Management) from National University, Bangladesh

• From: 1989 To: 1991
Higher Secondary Class (Commerce) for Dhaka City College, Bangladesh

4. Adress: Apt C1, House 4KA, Road 13, Dhanmondi, Dhaka

5. Contact: Mob: 01199809173, Res: 8144598, email:

6. Countries of Work Experience: N/A

7. Language: Good in Speaking, Reading and Writing both in English and Bengali.

8. Employment Record

• From: 2010 March To: Present
Public Relation & Event Management Specialist
Developing communication strategy and implementing those messages to media, stake holders, developers etc under “Strenghting Public Expenditure Management Program (SPEMP) under World bank. Beside, manage the events to support the objective.

• From: 2008 To: 2009 Dec
Head of PRCU, BMB Mott MacDonald
In charge for the Public Relation Communication Unit (PRCU) for BICF (Bangladesh Investment Climate Fund) driven by IFC (International Finance Corporation), A member of World Bank Group.
Key responsibilities are Media Brief, Article publishing, Press Coverage, Electronic media coverage, in which the stakeholders are Regulatory Reform Commission (RRC), Board of Investment (BOI), Registrar Joint Stock Commission, Bangladesh Better Business Forum (BBBF) and so on as...

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