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Marketing Project - Nokia

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NOKIA – Market Analysis
Marketing Management Project

This document contains NOKIA’s detailed analysis in Marketing.

Sundaram Vasudevan Abhishek Kadian Abhimanyu Chhikara Animesh Mukherjee Sanjay Agarwal Avika Sood





ANALYSING EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT -------------------------




MARKET SEGMENTATION ------------------------------------------


NOKIA BRAND POSITIONING --------------------------------------


MARKETING MIX -----------------------------------------------------


NOKIA – Market Analysis
Consumer Behavior and the Mobile Experience The study included multiple behavioral factors using a sample of over 12000 subjects in India. Surprising to many, the old belief that teenagers don’t access the mobile Internet or buy mobile apps is false. In fact, 45+ year-olds are the fastest growing adopters of these mobile services. Mobile phones and other consumer electronics products impact consumer behavior for business and pleasure. Summary of Latest Mobile Consumer Behavior Results

Smart-phones and the phones with fancy feature like music player, camera are changing mobile consumer behavior. The customer mostly found mobile Internet a great thing to use. Minorities who don’t own personal computers own mobile phones for texting, Internet access and taking photos. Mobile devices are their computers. This is similar to mobile phone users in developing nations and continents where the first Internet experience is through a mobile device.

Mobile phone and Internet penetration among Gen X, Y and teenagers generations. More teenagers have mobile phones than Internet access.

 

Use of text message is growing faster with older consumers than younger ones Consumers find browsing the mobile...

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