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Procter & Gamble started its operations in the country in 1991 is marketing a range of consumer goods products. Ariel is the product of P&G. Ariel detergent gives cleaning in stain removal. Ariel contains unique ingredients that cannot be found in other detergents, thus it is designed to remove a multitude of stains better. Ariel is perfect for everyday washing needs. The unique formula has been designed to give brilliant cleaning and long lasting freshness.
KARACHI, 07 December, 2010: Procter and Gamble Pakistan inaugurated its state of the art Ariel Plant at Port Qasim.
The Plant manufactures P&G’s premium detergent brand, Ariel in Pakistan by combining breakthrough technology with world class innovation.

Overview Pakistani Market
Total market size by volume= 162,211 tones.
Total market size value= RS.19 billion.
Detergent market is growing by 16% annually.
Surf | 25,000 | 38 BILLION |
Bonus | 35,000 | 21 BILLION |
Brite | 10,000 | 16 BILLION |
Ariel | 6,000 | 11 BILLION |
Express | 4,000 | 5 BILLION |

Factors | Surf Excel | Ariel |
Launch | 1960 | 1998 |
Target market | Mothers belonging to sec A and B+ | Mothers belonging to sec B and B+ |
Price | APPROX. RS 200/KG | APPROX.RS 210/KG |
Packaging | Blue, pink and orange | Green, white and blue. |
Campaigns | 1990-Tough on stains-soft on hands.1996-Jaisa b dhag ho,surf excel hai na.2005-Dirt is Good.2007-Games masti2009-Metha khara pani.2010-Dadi aik minute.2011-Tools for school. | 2000-Arial Maa Campaign2008-Arial longest kurta with tariq aziz.2008-Ariel challenge with Zubeida tariq.2009-Garam pani thanda pani2010-Arial housewives add2011-Arial housewives add. |


Product Strategy:
* Product Differention-Form, Features, Performance, Reliability.

* Superior…...

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