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Part One: Foundations

Chapter One: Introduction to Advertising 1

Chapter Two: Advertising’s Role in Marketing 34

Chapter Three: Advertising and Society 68

Part Two: Planning and Strategy

Chapter Four: How Advertising Works 103

Chapter Five: The Consumer Audience 135

Chapter Six: Strategic Research 169

Chapter Seven: Strategic Planning 205

Part Three: Effective Advertising Media

Chapter Eight: Print and Out-of-Home Media 239

Chapter Nine: Broadcast Media 274

Chapter Ten: Interactive and Alternative Media 310

Chapter Eleven: Media Planning and Buying 345

Part Four: Effective Advertising Messages

Chapter Twelve: The Creative Side and Message Strategy 378

Chapter Thirteen: Copywriting 411

Chapter Fourteen: Design and Production 443

Part Five: Integration and Evaluation

Chapter Fifteen: Direct Response 476

Chapter Sixteen: Sales Promotion, Events, and Sponsorships 508

Chapter Seventeen: Public Relations 542

Chapter Eighteen: Special Advertising Situations 576

Chapter Nineteen: Evaluation of Effectiveness 610

Welcome to the Test Item File for the Wells/Moriarty/Burnett Advertising: Principles and Practice, 7th edition text. This test bank was designed with the student and instructor in mind. All questions in this manual are drawn directly from the master text.

APPLICATION QUESTIONS: New to the seventh edition of the Test Item File is a section dedicated entirely to application questions. This section, available in each chapter of the test bank, offers real-life situations that take students beyond basic chapter concepts and vocabulary covered in the General Content section, and asks them to apply concepts covered in the chapters.

Each chapter in the Test Item File contains 150 questions, with the following breakdown:


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