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Marketing Research Assignment 1

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Assignment 1
Red Bull Female Perspective Focus Group
Marketing Research

For over 26 years, Red Bull has manufactured and sold energy drinks. With over 40 billion cans consumed and sold in over 166 countries, Red Bull is currently the number one energy drink brand consumed worldwide, but as new energy drink companies emerge and the market saturates, it is important to retain a competitive edge.
A report conducted by Nielsen on users of energy drinks states that a new heavy user category has been discovered; young mothers (Nielsen, 2013). In the past Red Bull has remained very neutral, appealing to both males and females with gender neutral packaging and directed marketing to the target markets of young males, students and club goers. Recently, direct competitors such as Monster and 5 hour energy have created flavours designed specifically for the female demographic. As an industry leader, it is important to evaluate possibilities, especially if they mean gaining market share. This focus group will explore the potential opportunities that this newly discovered target market may hold. Purpose of study (problem definition):
The following study is an attempt to gather insight on the wants and needs of a new target market demographic (young mothers and young female energy drink consumers).
Will a new female-oriented beverages be well received and potentially profitable?

Specific research objectives and information/data requirements:
The Goals of this focus group are understanding the purchase behaviour of this new target market in order to determine if this venture merits more in depth quantitative research. Goals for this study include gaining insight as to why this target market consumes energy drinks, how they select which brand/flavour they consume as well as constructing a perceptual map against three prominent competitors in North...

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