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Consumer’s Perceptions towards Online Shopping

I. Introduction Generally speaking the trend of e-commerce has been increased rapidly in the recent years with the development of internet and due to the easy accessibility of internet usage. Easy access to internet has driven consumers to shop online; online shopping is third most popular activity on the internet after email using and web browsing. Books, airline tickets/reservations, clothing/shoes videos/games and other electronic products are the most popular items purchased on the internet. Consumer’s attitude towards online shopping refers to their psychological state in terms of making purchases over the Internet. Online buying behavior process refers to the products purchased online. The process of online buying behavior consists of five steps and it is similar to traditional shopping behaviour. For instance, consumer recognize the need for buying some product (book), they refers to the internet to buy online and start to search for the information and look for all the alternatives and finally make a purchase which best fits to their needs. Before making final purchase consumers are attacked by several factors which limits or influence consumers for the final decision.
The main theme of the study is to know the factors that influence the consumer’s attitudes and behaviors towards online and traditional shopping. Researchers will also focus on how consumers form such attitudes with the help of models and who are truly the online shoppers.

II. Theoretical Framework


Consumer’s Perceptions towards Virtual and Traditional Shopping
Time Saving Website


* Convenience Convenience factor refers that it is easy to browse or search the information through online is easier than the traditional retail shopping. Through...

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