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Marketing Research Plan Product for Edible Arrangements®

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Marketing research plan product for Edible Arrangements®

Problem definition

Unfortunately over the last three years the sales and market share have declined 5% each year in the consumer segment and the business segment in several of our top franchises in New York, NY.

Information Needs

To conduct an examination to identify the problem and understand what events led to these results. I’ll visit all franchises and talk to managers, employees and customers in order to find out what they needs and real problems that are causing the decline.

Research Objectives

Achieve an increase of the sales and market shares within 12 months.

Type of Study

- Primary Research Finding out answers for specific questions in order to solve the causing problems, this will be done by conducting the following: - Face to face surveys - Online questionnaires - Phone calls

This type of personal surveys provides a better feedback because people can express their own opinion. The researchers need to be trained to ensure that the answers won´t be influenced so we can have more accurate results.

- Secondary Research

- Using existing data

- Observation

- Focusing in specific groups

- Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Qualitative Research will give us the information about what are the customers’ preferences, what do they like, and why they won’t buy the products. Are the standards being followed?
What are customers’ expectations? Are we fulfilling them? How are we positioned compared to competitors? How’s the performance of the products? Everything based on customer satisfaction. In other words we need to know how people feel about our products.

Quantitative Research will show us the numbers in the results such as graphs, tables, charts.
How many? How do the rate our products, service,...

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