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a. Describe the situation,

After September 11, 2001 the financial market has change and a financial company’s are struggling to keep up in the market. Intersect Investment Services are not and exception. In order to survive Intersect Investment Services has decided to provide a broad set of products and services to the customers using a model of customer intimacy and build long-term relationships based on trust and value to the customer. Implementing this vision brought problems to the Sales and Marketing department. They already replace Executive Vice president of Marketing and Sales because he did not support and failed delivering this vision to the employees and the new Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales Jane Angelo only have 12 months to implement this new image and approach to the employees.


If Intersect Investment meets their vision is agoing to help their gain long term customer and get better communication between the departments of the organization. The image of the company would become more trust for customer and for the financial industry. They would become stronger competitors.


They only have 12 months.
Employees not able to cooperate with the companies new vision.

b. Define the problem.

"Intersect Investments Upper Management don’t have a good communication trying to deliver the goals to the differences parts of the organization causing high turnovers rates, breakdown communications and employees unable to understand the goals that the company want to obtain.

c. Describe the desired future state and goals against which to evaluate alternatives.

Organizational Change in the sales department
Brand New Image of customer intimacy
Build long term relationships with customers.
Gain Wall Streets trust
Reduces turnover percent
Adding new customers
Grow the amount of money...

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