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Marketing Paper

Café Maison

Markets, Segments and Customer Value
Mrkmn 8-F

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Caca, Khandees Faith B.
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Mr. Marco Theodore Escano

Market and Competitive Space

1. Determining and Forming Product-Market Boundaries and Structure

2. End-Users

A. Describing End-Buyers

Café Maison is a new business around the City Of Golden Friendship. The market in this city is unaware of the products they offer; leaving a problem to the business.

As to the walk-in customers of Café Maison, they will find a tarpaulin of their menu in front of the counter wherein they will find all the beverages it offers. And if it happens that a customer is hesitant on what drink to purchase, a cafe personnel will suggest its best seller to the hesitant customer.
Customers of Café Maison would buy a drink and pair it with its Panini or its featured pastry good. After purchasing, customers opted to stay for hours inside the Café. Their customers enjoy the homey ambiance they give.

B. How Buyers Make Choices

Based on our observation, there is a decision process involved. First would be, they would recognize a need that needs to be satisfied. Next step would be customers seek information about their need then they could now identify alternatives of the said product then finally they could choose a brand. There are other basis on how buyers make choices like peer pressure, it is common to students because if they are with their set of friends, what one chooses, the whole group follows which is in line with the easiest form of advertisement, word of mouth.

C. Environmental Influences

Café Maison engages the world of social media. The influence coming from the social media is viral. A percentage of their customers knew about the Café through Instagram, Facebook...

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