Marketing Strategies and Subcultures

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Marketing Strategies and Subcultures:
Flavored Cigarettes

Most recently, TRIAAD Research Group developed marketing strategies for Exotic Smokes Cigarettes. These strategies were identified to attract 18-to-25-year-old customers to the flavored cigarette market. This young adult market is lucrative however focusing on specific subcultures within the market provides additional opportunities. The African American subculture, the Hispanic subculture and the Asian subculture are emerging multicultural markets with cultural and cross-cultural differences that must be explored by marketers.

The United States is more ethnically diverse than ever before. The emerging multicultural markets offer opportunities for marketers to determine what marketing strategies are most effective to market flavored cigarettes within the African American subculture, the Latino subculture and the Asian subculture. After determining the marketing strategies to be used, the environmental factors, cultural differences, and cross-cultural differences must be identified for each subculture. The goal is to understand how consumers’ cultural identities relate to purchasing choices.
African American Subculture
The African American market is not a monolithic group. Marketers must be aware of the diversity within the African American subculture that includes African-Argentinian, African-Cuban, African-Ecuadorian, African-Latino American, African-Mexican, African-Trinidadian, Black Canadian, African-Native American and the list goes on. Until marketers recognize that the African American subculture is as diverse as the world languages it will be difficult to target the market.
Just as the subcultures vary so do interests, religions, occupations, and levels of education, family structure and socio-economic…...

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