Marketing Strategies of Bournvita

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Bournvita – A Power Brand
Cadbury was incorporated in India on July 19th, 1948 as a private limited company under the name of Cadbury-Fry (India). Cadbury Bournvita was launched in the same year.
It is among the oldest brands in the Malt Based Food/Malt Food category with a rich heritage and has always been known for its best nutritive values, combined with great taste to aid growth and all round development and at the same time alluring to the palette. In this context it may be meaningful to mention that throughout its history, it can be seen that Cadbury Bournvita has continuously evolved itself in terms of product, packaging, promotion and distribution.
The brand is a market leader in the Brown health drink segment with a market share of over 15% according to Business Standard which is an indicator to the fact that Cadbury's - true to its reputation has managed to sustain this brand over years. The brand has sustained because of Cadbury's investment in the brand and also ensuring that the brand changed in with times.
Bournvita is a chocolate flavoured health drink. When the brand was introduced in the market, it tried to solve a perpetual problem that mother's face: a need for a healthy food which is tasty. Bournvita offered that unique combination of health and taste.
It is also interesting to see how this brand has evolved over these years.
Positioning and repositioning through taglines:
In 1970s the brand was positioned as a product that helps in good upbringing. The brand used the tagline: Goodness that Grows with You.
During 1980's the brand changed its focus from Upbringing to Intelligence. The tagline was changed to: Brought up Right, Bournvita Bright.
In 1990's the brand felt that it should be focusing on the overall health of the kid and thus changed its focus on Body and Mind with the famous tagline: Tan Ki Shakti, Man Ki Shakti.…...