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Marketing Stretegy of Macdonalds

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Topics for Speaking CA

1. In what manner the name of a company matters for a candidate to make a decision to work or not to work for that particular organization?

2. Give any five characteristics of a company you would like to work in. What is the most important feature for you? Why?

3 What are the advantages of a good working atmosphere and level of responsibility in an organization?

4. Which mobile phone or Laptop do you use? Tell about its features

5. Would you like to run your own business someday? Why? Why not?

6. Would you prefer to have your own business, or a job which offers a very good salary? Why?

7. “Thousands of people set up their own business every year. Some do it because they want to work for themselves others because they have a great idea and have spotted a gap in the market.” Explain

8. Training of the staff is the most essential part in any industry. WHY?

9. How can Training programs benefit the existing staff and not just the new staff?

10. Why is it considered to be a positive sign of employee to work for long time in a same organization?

11. Employees are a company's new ideas and its main asset. Comment

12. What problems can we face if we switch from one job to another and what are the best ways of dealing with them?

13. Why should companies plan training events? Speak about the advantages of inhouse training.

14. What is job satisfaction? What can employers do to increase job satisfaction among employees?

15. Every organization must be having some training schedules- List some of the features of standard training courses.

16. How are tailor made training courses different from standard training courses?

17. Is it responsibility or rapid promotion that would be more attractive as an offer that the company promises? Why so?

18. If the company is planning to conduct staff training...

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