Marketing Study Case : Diesel

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Study case : Diesel
“Live, breathe and wear passion”

1 : Explain which of the promotional strategies used by
Diesel are above- or below-the-line. Analyse the impact
that each approach might have ?

There are two different types of promotional strategies. One is above the line and the other one is below the line. Above the line is using the media like television, radio to promote your product to a mass audience. Below the line is looking to reach a customer not a whole bunch of people, an example of a below the line is using catalogues, direct mail.
An above the line strategy used by diesel is through commercials and billboards. The Television ad of diesel has probably the biggest impact to their company because everyone watches television. When people see their advertisement they will think about the product and if they like it they might go to a Diesel store and buy their products. Another above the line strategy that Diesel uses is music. They now have their own radio station and they sign bands that are unknown and give them a chance to be heard by people. This can help Diesel to promote their company because when the unsigned band becomes famous Diesel will sponsor them when they go to tours and concerts. People who like the band will copy what their wearing and therefore diesel will be able to sell.
A below the line strategy that Diesel uses is they have special offers. Customer’s loves special offers, so when they see that Diesel has a special offer, they will go in the shop and possibly buy their products. Another below the line strategy is in-store sales. This is when a customer goes in your shop and a sales person will try and explain, promote the product to them.

2 : What type of promotion might Diesel:U:Music be
regarded as and why ?

The Diesel:U:Music is both above and below the line, and that is called ‘through-the-line’.
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