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Marketing to the Bottem of the Pyramid

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Mayo Clinic is well known for treating international leaders (e.g., the president of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea (Cateora, Gilly, and Graham 640)). Mayo clinic provided care to international patients for nearly a hundred years. It was founded one hundred years ago by a family of physicians named “Mayo.” The Mayo family created an international legacy. They traveled the world to compare notes and surgical approaches and returned with international patients. Mayo Clinic has used word-of-mouth marketing to maintain its global reputation. Its marketing department has existed for only the last fifteen years. Mayo Clinic’s locations are in three metropolitan areas: Rochester, Minnesota; Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona; and Jacksonville, Florida (Mayo Clinic’s Website).
The strength of Mayo Clinic is that the clinic specializes in hard-to-treat diseases. They are known for innovative and effective treatments for diseases that had gone undiagnosed or under-treated. It is also known for being at the top of most accredited quality standard listings. The value vision of Mayo Clinic is that “the needs of the patient always come first.” Since the year 2000 Mayo Clinic is also known for achieving high quality at lower cost. Moreover, the Mayo Clinic is most famous for developing an integrated patient care practice. A patient will see from two to ten doctors in a single visit, potentially on the same day, reducing the cost of multiple visits and more importantly allowing doctors from different specialties to confer with each other and plan a course of action for the patient (Mayo Clinic’s Website).
Mayo clinic has performed internal and external research in order to gain a better understanding of the international market for healthcare providers, as well as its own position within the market. Internal data are analyzed quarterly to monitor hospitalization…...

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