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Ms. Aysel ZEREN
Tel: 0034 666831296 BARCELONA,SPAIN

PROFILE Strengths in analytical thinking, creativity, entrepreneurship, discipline, leadership, responsibility, communication, goal orientation, self-improvement, team dynamics. EDUCATION 2008-2012 Çağ University, Mersin, Turkey Management 2007-2008 Çağ University, Mersin, Turkey Çağ University School of English Language (Prep-Class) 1998-2004 Bilfen Collage High School, Adana, Turkey Turkish High School Diploma, EXPERIENCS June 2011-May 2012

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Experience in sales, after sales, communication and customer relationship marketing

Internal Auditor Committee Member, AIESEC Adana • Determine the internal audit and reporting standards,preparing audit quidelines and improve procedure, • The organization at the branch to check the availability of sales and marketing strategies of projects, • Auditing all activities which association rules according main purpose implement, • Auditing ledger, accounts and records executing in financial regulations and financial records based on the income and expense documents to check whether they are true, • To ensure cooperation with the external audit system • The arrangements made by the board, monitor and evaluate implemented by the board of directors,

Having audit in 3 month period intervals, reporting the results of the audit to board of directors and provide the reports when come together at General Assembly.

June-July 2011

Mercedes-Benz Adana, Turkey

Working on the Sales&After Sales Department

June-Aug 2010

Eurocenter Language School Valencia,Spain • Has been 2.5 month in Spain for to learn Spanish. • Has A2 Spanish Language Certificate. Vice President of Incoming Exchange of Local Committee, AIESEC Adana • Representing local committee in national/international area, • Assuring that the brand image of AIESEC is always…...