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McDonalds, Burger King, and Jack in the box have two things in common. They all are fast food restaurant and they started off selling burgers. Today all three restaurants is popular and offers the same product but the taste value propositions and is what separates each of them from being exactly alike. Value propositioning is “The full positioning of a brand- the full mix of benefits upon which it is positioned.” For any business differentiating themselves is just as important as serving their customers. For fast food chains such as; Mc Donald’s, Burger King and Jack in the Box of course they share similarities but they also have distinctive differences. Such as McDonald’s donates proceedings from their happy meals to a charity, Burger King charbroils their hamburgers and Jack in the Box has an ad pitchman named Jack.

Fast-food restaurants and their value propositions
Before McDonald’s started serving breakfast and coffee was known for being cheap and affordable. With over 31,000 restaurants, serving nearly 4.6 million customers daily, McDonald’s is the world’s leading fast food chain. McDonald’s opened in 1955 and opened its first foreign restaurant in 1967, just eleven years after opening its doors, and it wasn’t until 1983 that Mu nuggets were introduced. “I’m loving it” is just a mere reflection of McDonald’s success. Their slogan/proposition almost “ensures” that no matter what you order you’ll be satisfied. When it comes to being different McDonald’s is at the top of the list for one main reason, proceeds from happy meals go to a good cause”; The Ronald McDonald House of charities. Their menu is designed to please anyone in any family, whether they want fruit, coffee, ice cream, salad or good tasting food. They were known as the only place where you can quickly get a meal, hamburger, fries and milk shakes for a dollar or less. They were…...