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Marriage for Five Years

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After being married for five years and divorcing I believe that I have a clear understanding of what makes a happy marriage. In my opinion a happy marriage begins with the persons seeking marriage finding their true identity. I believe that when you know who you are that you will make clear and concise decisions. Some people marry when they do not know who they are in life or what they want out of life which results in an unhappy marriage. I also believe that being equally yoked is very pertinent to having a happy successful marriage because how can a married couple be one or in union with one another when they have different beliefs towards very important matters. I also believe that good lines of communication will create a happy marital atmosphere considering when you communicate you remain on the same sheet of music. The last thing that I will include is finances because when you are stable you are able to remove some unneeded stress that many people face due to the lack of funds. There are also many fundamental differences that separate unhappy and happy married couples such as happy married couples are deep rooted in their marriage when problems and situations arise they work hard and fight to keep everything together. However when unhappy married couples face trials and tribulations throughout their marriages they are ready to throw in the towel and yell I want a divorce because they do not feel that they have anything to...

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