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Marriage Statistics

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In How Love Emerges in Arranged Marriages: Two Cross-cultural Studies by Robert Epstein, Mayuri Pandit, and Mansi Thakar we are told that Americans and perhaps Westerners all-together are becoming more obstinate with the idea that love is a must prior to the life-long commitment known as marriage. There are, however, various cultures outside of the west that are composed of those who think the very opposite notion. For example, a maxim for many in India: “first comes marriage, then comes love”. Speaking of India, this scholarly journal introduced a study that entailed 50 Indian couples and concluded that feelings of love between Indian individuals in love marriages decreased somewhat overtime. But, those within arranged marriages had a more enduring love in the long run. As for how much happiness is actually elicited for the involved in those two different methods of marrying, another study concluded that satisfaction levels in arranged Indian marriages are higher than American love-based marriages. Finally, we are presented with one last study that said Indians who had been through the process of arranged marriage in the U.S. were significantly happier than those who went through the same arranged marriage process in India. Indian-American arranged marriages were also more content than U.S. love marriages. Moving on to a different culture but with similar results as those of Indians matrimonies, a Japanese marriage couples study was also presented. In it, it was reported that arranged Japanese marriages were actually more stable than Japanese love marriages (like Indian marriage results). Overall, satisfaction levels in arranged Japanese marriages were higher than that of American love-based marriages (again, like Indian marriage results). This study also contributed to our knowledge of current non-western marriage structures by finding the happy state of wives in...

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