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Marriot Financial Analysis

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Jannine Mae S. Cortes
BBF 3-9S

Consolidated Statements of Income (USD $) | In millions, except per share date | unless otherwise specified | | 31-Dec-14 | 31-Dec-13 | 28-Dec-12 | REVENUES | | | | Base Management fees | 4.87% | 4.8576% | 4.9179% | Franchise fees | 5.40% | 5.2096% | 0.5671% | Incentive management fees | 2.18% | 2.0025% | 1.9638% | Owned, Leased and other Revenue | 7.41% | 7.4312% | 8.3714% | Cost reimbursements | 80.13% | 80.4991% | 79.6089% | Revenues | 100% | 100.00% | 100.00% | OPERATING COSTS AND EXPENSES | | | | Owned, Leased and other-direct | 5.62% | 5.7024% | 6.6447% | Reimbursement Cost | 80.13% | 80.4991% | 79.6089% | Depreciation, amortization, and other | 1.07% | 0.9934% | 0.1016% | General, administrative, and other | 4.78% | 5.0767% | 4.9264% | Cost and Expenses, Total | 91.60% | 92.2716% | 92.0433% | OPERATING INCOME | 8.40% | 7.7284% | 7.9567% | Gains and other income | 0.0580% | 0.0860% | 0.3555% | Interest expense | -0.8336% | -0.9387% | -1.1596% | Interest Income | 0.2175% | 0.1799% | 0.1439% | Equity in earnings (losses) | 0.0435% | -0.0391% | -0.1100% | INCOME BEFORE INCOME TAXES | 7.8863% | 7.0166% | 7.1864% | Provision for income taxes | -2.43% | -2.1198% | -2.3531% | NET INCOME | 5.46% | 4.8967% | 4.8332% | EARNINGS PER SHARE- Basic | | | | Earnings per share (in USD per share) | $2.60 | $2.05 | $1.77 | EARNINGS PER SHARE- Diluted | | | | Earnings per share (In USD per share) | $2.54 | $2.00 | $1.72 | | | | | CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEET (USD $) | In millions unless specified | Current Assets | 31-Dec-14 | 31-Dec-13 | Cash and Equivalents | 1.51% | 1.85% | Accounts and notes receivable, net | 16.02% | 15.91% | Current deferred taxes, net | 4.53% | 3.71% | Prepaid expenses |...

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