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Mars, Incorporated

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Mars, Incorporated
(Chocolate and much more…)

Contemporary Business
201160: BUS101-002

Mars, Incorporated is a fascinating company which is so much more than just a candy manufacturer. I was interested in this company because we had purchased stock in the Wrigley Company in 1993 as a gift/investment when my youngest son was born. In 2008, the Wrigley Company was bought by Mars and taken private. Our family had to take a small lost on our shares and no longer received the new development of gum each Christmas. However, it was great move on Wrigley’s behave and for the Mars company as well. Mars is a very diverse organization and does provide a very versatile business plan in this ever changing world and economy. I find it to be an intriguing company and envy it’s progression from a small town at home business to the billion dollar international business it is today.
The company began in 1911 by Mr. Frank C. Mars as the Mar-O-Bar Company in his country home kitchen located in Tacoma, Washington. His first products were butter cream candy bars which his family and friends said were the best in the land. He soon outgrew his kitchen when the business started booming and opened his first factory of 125 employees. Quality and value were the foundations for his business and his first mission statement. In 1920, Mr. Mars relocated his factory to Minneapolis, where soon the Snickers (without the chocolate coating) and Milky Way bars were developed and launched. Both candies are just as popular 91 years later. The company in 1922 actually loss $6,000 money, but in 1924 had a sales profit of over $700,000. In 1926, Mars changed the name of the company to Mars Candies. By 1928 again the business had outgrown his factory so Mars relocated his business to Chicago where business quadrupled even during the depression.

After his son graduated from…...

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