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(Presentation 1)
Subject: Internal Communication
Strategic Information: 1. Written Circular 2. Focus Group discussion 3. Target group based information communication
Regular changes: 1. Group discussion 2. Follow-up
1. Meeting 2. Newsletter
1. Newsletter 2. Regular Meeting 3. Field based Support Unit
Emergency Information: 1. Over Phone 2. Written instruction by Email 3. Any kind of meeting
Information overflows: 1. Head Office based central control point 2. Email system control

(Presentation 2) Subject: Internal Communication
Challenges and Solutions: 1. Language of circular
-Understandable to readers
-Using examples 2. Information overload -Setting priorities -Reminding time to time -Intra communication among units. 3. Less importance/ concentration of the receiver -Reinforcement -Motivation 4. Environmental issues (Time, Situation) -Openness -Timing of communication 5. One way communication -Both way communications -Encouraging Qs. Concluding remarks: 1. Training on effective communication 2. Check & balance 3. Usage of technology 4. More written, less verbal (Presentation 3) Subject: Internal Communication

Director / Programme Head
Operational support unit
MO, ML, Legal


Project Unit
RE AR...

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