Marvelous Christmas Vacation

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Marvelous Christmas Vacation

Marvelous Christmas Vacation

“There is no place like home.”
The above passage made me eager to go home. My Christmas vacation started on December 19, 2010, so I left MSU together with my sister on that day also after attending Misa de Gallo. When I arrived home, my youngest brother surprised me. He made some Christmas decors in our home and prepared our dinner. He even washed our dishes because he knew we were very tired from a long trip. “Wow! Is this my brother?”,I said to myself. Because of the long time we didn’t see other we gave and received hugs and kisses in our family.

Early in the morning in the next day, we attended the Misa de Gallo in our place since it has become a tradition in our family to attend the nine-day period of prayer or in short Misa de Gallo from December 16 through December 24 at dawn everyday to prepare ourselves in commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Also, in our church it is our attitude that in every after Misa de Gallo there is always painit to be serve to the people who attended the mass. I was impressed that the practice that we have was not diminished as time goes by, but it was developed.

In myself, visiting my lolas, antes, uncles, cousins and my other relatives has been my attitude every time I got home. When I met my cousins we still played our childhood game, dakop-dakopan. I enjoyed very much.

Going in the church, I am glad that the Catholic Youth Organization is still alive. Since I am a member of this group, I joined the caroling. We wore smile in our faces while singing Christmas carols in every house. The CYO also sponsored a Fun-Run competition and it was participated by the children, teenagers and adults. We had little prizes for the winners in the said competition. Praise God, it ended successfully.

December 25 came – the most…...