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Marxist Justice

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Marxist Justice
Karl Marx believed that society as a whole would be better if the bourgeois and proletariat classes were combined. In other words, with everyone in society having the same means, when one person experiences misfortune, for instance the loss of a home, everyone pays a small amount and helps that person. In my opinion I feel that Marx had sound beliefs but his ideologies are diluted by the concept of the middle class in today’s world. Only taking into consideration the capitalist and the laborer eliminates the middle class and our society is too diverse to not fill this category. Marx beliefs that our society would be a better unit as a combined class doesn’t seem to fufill a better good as it would hinder the rest of society if any individual was at a loss. The implementation of providing help to others when they have misfortune seems great but not at the cost of total equality. Disallowing individuality would create a lack of innovation and hinder creativity at a high cost. Our society has grown due to entrepreneurs, and small business owners and in a Marxist society all this would be eliminated.
I don’t agree with Marx’s idea of justice and would not want to live in a Marxist society becuase a society of equals would eliminate any type of competition which would eliminate motivation and competitive markets/economies. Living In a classless society would eliminate personal individuality, society would think as a whole, totally eliminating individual decision making. Personal property would be non-existent and personal wages would be distributed among society. I feel an excelled trade or talent deserves a higher wage not an equal by distribution wage.
In summary I feel Marxism would create a society without creativity and individual freedom. This type of society would eliminate many of the creations and innovative things we have today as many of...

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