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Mary Beth Johnson

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Case Study - Mary Beth Johnson
Patricia Steer
Introduction to Human Resource Management B165/MAN 1300 Section 02
January 12, 2014
Dr. Nicole Runyon

Case Study – Mary Beth Johnson
This writing will discuss the case study regarding Mary Beth; it will describe Mary Beth’s situation and describe some of the challenges women may face in the global marketplace. In addition, this writing will show alternatives and solutions that Mary Beth can consider when facing her problem.
Mary Beth is a well-educated, hardworking, experienced woman working for Raxis Corporation. She has been with the company for many years and because of her excellent productivity has been promoted several times. Mary Beth wants to continue advancing within her company so when she learns of a position opening in the Global Services division she immediately applies for the position. Mary Beth is not offered the job and when she asks her manager about the reasoning for not getting the position, was told that she should not worry about it because “women typically do not get hired for international positions.”
The key issues in this situation are that Mary Beth is more than qualified to take on the new position; she is loyal to her company and has the education and skills needed to succeed in the Global Services division. Mary Beth has great productivity but does not get the promotion because of her gender. While gender should not matter when considering a promotion, it does; when thinking about the different cultures around the world many of them view women as home makers not leaders of companies or professionals in the workplace. For a global organization to put a woman in the front running of international dealings it might cost them clients due to cultural differences; or at least that is what some businesses think. “Today, it is the woman in a household who makes the decisions in the majority of purchases--not only in the home with food and cars, but with services such as banking and health care” (Fabry, 2011) By not placing a woman in an international position an organization could be creating lost opportunities for itself.
Some alternatives and potential solutions for Mary Beth to consider would be to approach the hiring manager for this position and plead her case; let them know that she understands the risks involved with this position and that she is up for the challenge. Make this manager aware of the fact that this could be considered discrimination and challenge them to give her an opportunity. Another alternative she could consider is quitting the company, maybe it is not worth the effort to work for a company that will not promote women to global positions; there is company’s out there that will and that will most likely consider Mary Beth an asset to have aboard.
Potential Solution
A potential solution for Mary Beth would be to contact a lawyer; find out exactly what her rights are in this situation. If there is a case to be made she should take it to court; it is unethical to discriminate against gender and perhaps this company needs a wakeup call. The best solution for Mary Beth would be to do the best she can possibly do; prove to her management that she is fit for an international position and show them that they are making a mistake by not promoting her. She can remind the organization that women have more influence over other women than men; “Women are heavily influenced by other women's opinions throughout the purchasing journey and they look to each other as sources of advice and for real-time reviews of products. As a result of this powerful communication, businesses can quickly decline or improve based on how they adopt to these new realities.” (Fabry, 2011) If the company still has no intention of promoting a woman to an international position then it is time to move on and find another company to work for.
In conclusion, this case study shows the effects of unethical behavior relating to discrimination in the workplace. In my opinion, Mary Beth should discuss the situation with a top manager and if she does not get the results she seeks then she should put in a notice and move to a different company; her dedication will be dearly missed and surly another organization will welcome her excellent productivity.

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